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Kitchen Renovate

Client testimonial

Neil completely transformed and rejuvenated my kitchen. He listened to what I wanted and managed to transform my vision into something that exceeded expectation through his acute understanding of design and creative genius. He takes you through the entire project lifecycle with a warm, friendly and highly professional approach. He is wonderful to work with and I am elated at the result he delivered. I would highly recommend Neil for any project big or small. - Miss S Kirk

This kitchen was in need of a renovation, the kitchen housed the fuse box, which was probably around 5o yr old, so the fuse box got replaced to also fix the odd circuits, (bring in Sam the electrician) like the outside light coming on when you hit what you thought was the ceiling light, and the shower switch in the kitchen for the upstairs shower......

Once that was sorted it was a case of strip and rip, Cleared out the old kitchen, and re-laid floor, then pulled off all the old tiles, prepared the walls, and tiled the backsplash, built the cabinets,
cut the worktops and set the appliances in place. Then smaller details like the sink, taps and drainage, hinges and handles and a floating shelf to finish it off.

The mono chrome palette with small gold elements, gives a deco industrial feel, in a contemporary styling. I loved this project and my favourite was the all black sink and tap. There are still a few other upgrades to do but this will be done over time, for now it it functioning and freash.

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