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Willow Tea Rooms - Meeting and AV rooms

Project Type

Interior Design


April 2023


Lead Designer

Macintosh at the Willow - Tea rooms

Glasgow - Sauchiehall Street

The Willow Tea room - The Tea rooms was a restoration passion project for an investor, who as a teen, had frequented the tea rooms with her family. Over the years it has been transformed into a retail unit housing fashion and jewellery. This building is special though as it was design for Mrs Cranston by the worldwide know architect Charles Renee Macintosh.

Using a blend of natural woods for warmth and light, with accents of black metals is geometric forms for display, these black elements give a nod back to Macintosh's linear accents though out his designs, and his famous light curve details, were subtle pulled into the design in on the task chairs, sideboards and accessories.

Solid oaks, light greys, patterned forms and Easy clean faux leather seating, give the project its materiality, allowing for lighting to be adjusted for a meeting or presentation.

The layout was designed with the thought that the room could be used for overflow dining from the main restaurant. Separate and style the two table individually or create one large banquet table.

Finally, and to tie it all together, an old ordinance survey map was scaled and papered onto the wall, showing the different locations of other MacIntosh works around the city.

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