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Living Room Design

All the walls got a lick of paint and one a bold wallpaper, they were a deep magnolia and made the place feel dated. After possession were taken away, leaving just the bulk of the main furniture the whole place got a clean down, walls got washed, skirtings wiped, white goods deep cleaned and replaced, doors cleaned.

Stage Two was to repair things, so a new door was made to hide the WIFI, two new extractor fans in the bathroom were replaced, cupboards were re-aligned or levelled, windows were dressed with blinds and drapes and the carpets got a deep clean.

The final stage, time to arrange the furniture, set the layout, dress and style the space ready for the photos for the estate agents. Ready, to a walk in condition after 9yrs.

Project type

Freshen up, style it and prep for sale



Staging and Freshen up

A lick of paint on all walls, a paper in the hall, fixing and mending, ready for sale.

Staged for Selling

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