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Tropical Deco

Bathroom Renovate - My own so I went bold! and all renovated by my own two hands, I'm loving a bathrooms to redesign and install! The wall had water ingress and the wood panels had become saturated with trapped moisture, so this was the fist project I took on when moving back to my flat. It was a great focus to be honest, and the sense of achivement at the end!

I watched Harry Potter and the tiles in the ministry of magic caught my eye, so that started the look! after learning online how to board, waterproof, tile and grout, I also needed to know how to plumb the shower valves to be concealed behind the tiles, install a rain fall shower head, the largest I could find, and then also to have a back up shower, concealed, yet still allow to be functional, electric shower ya know in case we do actually run out of gas.

Wall paper is a touchy topic with some, as you can see I have no windows and a basic extractor fan that takes 10 mins to clear the mist. So after applying the wall paper i then added the dado to secure into place but also seal the seam in, did the same at the top with the coving, then sealed with three coats of clear drying lacquer.

UPDATE: wall papers been in 3yrs now, now sign of peeling! and is wipeable.
Lastly I reinstalled the sink and toilet, laid the new shower tray and glass, painted and then sealed on last time, and voila...… a tropical bathroom with a deco twist, PPPpppsssstt the showers a port key!

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