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GetNeat ID - Welcome to My Blog

Taking the Plunge & Going Solo....

A whole new world of self employment

Hi all, welcome to my blog, I like to call it a "mind fart" of ideas and chat.

GetNeat Id was founded in 2020, and has brought together all the experiences and skills ive learned over the years, to help you transform your spaces.

Going Solo

Was it a blessing or was it a curse?

You know when life needs to change, nothing making sense anymore, feeling overwhelmed all the time juggling relationships, work and life in general, and always "fighting fires" rather then real productivity, well that's where I found myself, before the pandemic hit us. At the end of 2019, with a relationship breakdown, moving home, quitting my 9-5 job and a new little puppy in tow, I made the choice to go it alone. Glup........

The plan was to flip a property. I had the savings, the drive, and knew what I was looking for in terms of work load. I was game for the challenge, but then the pandemic hit. And a wash of stagnation, boardgames and zooms came washing over us all of a sudden. With life's increased intensity, it also brought a rise in house prices, and I found myself priced out.

"It's ok” I thought to myself, this will wash over......

But no, it didn't, what came was a global lockdown. Older generations catching covid and passing away by the thousands, family's struggling with grief for not being able to go see their lives ones, frustrations and angers all round.

And after what felt like a decade, the lock downs lifted and life was jumpstarted again........

During those lockdowns, I refocused and wrote a list of things I needed, tools to the trade to put a better way and started to build the brand.

GetNeat ID came to mind, it was actually from a previous job, where when conversation would turn to work delegation,

"get neat to do it" would echo first.

So I thought, well what better way to explain my services going solo. Add ID at the end (it stands for interior design) and GetNeat ID was founded.

I then got to work on building a website! It's a whole new world, one I am enjoying, one that's exciting, never ending and fulfilling. Slowly growing and developing, build confidence, routine and comfort, in a way that's always looking for the solution, with a drive and tenacity. My life style has become bit of this bit of that, plan a project, execute. the vision is slowly becoming a reality and its awesome.

So come along for the ride, see what i get up to, pick up some tips and pointers or give me a call to work 1-2-1.

follow the link to Subscribe, get my socials and ports of contact.


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