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  • GetNeat ID - Helping to design and style your space

    GetNeat ID's Neil, is your partner for all things interiors, providing comprehensive solutions to transform your spaces.... Hello, I'm Your interior Designer, Stylist, Project Manager, Handyman and Organiser...... In today's world, an interior designer must possess the ability and skills to manage and handle tasks, as well as have a comprehensive understanding of finishes, applications and processes, as well as being skilled in styling and designing. I am here to provide assistance for both residential and commercial settings just give me a brief and we are sailing. Check the link below or browse the site to discover more ways in which I can be of service to you. Services & Bookings ​ ​ Follow us on Instagram @getneatidsnaps Online Furniture Store Processed By People - Direct from UK Warehouses - A new way to shop for Furniture Furnish & Style I am committed to offering only best quality products at the best value possible. Browse through the extensive collections below to see all that I have to offer. I'm constantly updating the range and if your looking for something else why not head over to the wider collections for over 12,000 other items. Are you having trouble deciding on a purchase? Give me a call direct, and I will be happy to lend you a hand, 1-2-1 and answer any questions you may have. Simple..... Shop Now Furnish Fast Packages Furnish Fast Packages Furnish Fast Packages Furniture Package Offers Ready to elevate your space? Explore our furniture packages at and make your house feel like home today! Here for More Furnish Fast GetNeat ID is your one-stop-shop for all your interior design needs. Take the stress out of creating a stylish and functional space. Whether you're outfitting an entire house or just updating a single room, I got you covered. Create a space that is both beautiful and practical, saving you time, frustration, and money. Shop Now Shop By Room Collections Free Delivery - Direct from UK Warehouses - Bulk Discounts - what more could you need? GetNeat ID - Home page: About Living Room Bedroom Office Kitchen & Dining One-stop shop, for your Interior solutions. Interior Designer Furniture Supplier Home Handyman Ideas to Install From concept to completion Learn More Design, Consult & Install When designing any space, its essential to have the understanding of installations and the ways in which things are all bought together. So I offer you a mixture of hands on handyman like services, such as painting, wallpapering and tiling, to consultations for DIY designs, concepts, solutions or ideas. All is then proposed to you before any tools are picked up or trades arranged. No task or job is to small. Shop Now Insta Examples New Inspirations How to Design Your Space: Home Edition ​ How To Design Your Space: Workplace Take a Look Shop Now Most Popular Requests Full Room Design Consultation Available Online Consultations, Measuring, Mood Board, Floor Plan, Shopping List Get in Touch Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Help to assemble and place your flat pack furniture orders. Get in Touch Tiling and Sealing Available Online Bathroom, Hallway, Shower or Kitchen. Get in Touch Single Odd Job Service Available Online Initial Consultation by Zoom or in Person to confirm Book Now Project Management Available Online When you need someone to take control, organise and arrange whatever t... Get in Touch See All Services

  • GetNeat ID | Portfolio | Interior Designer

    My Spaces Welcome to my portfolio. All the transformations and projects asked to work on. From residential to commercial, employed and freelance. Downstair Loo - For family and guests Downstair Loo - For family and guests is a recent project that involved the design and installation of a hidden loo with a larger sink and marble tiles to complement the rest of the home. The project also included the use of flat and textured tiles in the same finish, and light, bright colors with a backsplash to enhance the usable areas. This was also the first time the team installed a floating loo, which was surprisingly easy and impactful for the space. Staged for Selling All the walls got a lick of paint and one a bold wallpaper, they were a deep magnolia and made the place feel dated. After possession were taken away, leaving just the bulk of the main furniture the whole place got a clean down, walls got washed, skirtings wiped, white goods deep cleaned and replaced, doors cleaned. Stage Two was to repair things, so a new door was made to hide the WIFI, two new extractor fans in the bathroom were replaced, cupboards were re-aligned or levelled, windows were dressed with blinds and drapes and the carpets got a deep clean. The final stage, time to arrange the furniture, set the layout, dress and style the space ready for the photos for the estate agents. Ready, to a walk in condition after 9yrs. Dining room, Kitchen, Hall and Garden Walls, floor and ceilings were renewed, dining table set and drinks cabinets, bar seating, kitchen and layout, styling, hall way new radiators down stairs, stair case, wall elements, lighting and into the garden. 1900's Classic Bedroom Revive The Guest room was needing an update but I also wanted to add back some of the character of the period the building was built, in the bathroom there was a small section of panelling, so I decided to reflect this in the bedroom, with a linear simple wainscot panel, with picture ledge support and LED lighting above. White satin and Not so sage green above lifts the room taller and allows the light to bounce around your feet. The black iron fireplace is complemented with the black and chrome metal bed frame. The geometric bed throw, inspired one wall to hold a geometric design from floor to ceiling. I also played around with a dressing mirror in the window, but later decided the sunlight was much nicer to work in instead. Pops of faux autumnal vase, allow the room to gather a depth and cosy feel, as the room is large these are placed in small focal areas as to enhance a feeling of warmth and create a calm and serene space that is perfect to focus on a project or take a rest from a long hard day. Industrial Boutique Bedroom Redesign - The bed was built from scaffold poles and fixings, the desk was scaffold boards and trestle legs but whilst the carpet was thick and bouncy, the mattress was luxuriously soft and the curtains were bold and silky to touch, this bedroom was far from uncomfortable. Light shades to create dramatic shadows were created from pillar candle holders, and directed to turn the wall behind the bed from a bland grey to a statement. The warm tones of the bulb casting the shadows, only enhance the feeling of comfort. Kitchen Renovate This kitchen was in need of a renovation, the kitchen housed the fuse box, which was probably around 5o yr old, so the fuse box got replaced to also fix the odd circuits, (bring in Sam the electrician) like the outside light coming on when you hit what you thought was the ceiling light, and the shower switch in the kitchen for the upstairs shower...... Once that was sorted it was a case of strip and rip, Cleared out the old kitchen, and re-laid floor, then pulled off all the old tiles, prepared the walls, and tiled the backsplash, built the cabinets, cut the worktops and set the appliances in place. Then smaller details like the sink, taps and drainage, hinges and handles and a floating shelf to finish it off. The mono chrome palette with small gold elements, gives a deco industrial feel, in a contemporary styling. I loved this project and my favourite was the all black sink and tap. There are still a few other upgrades to do but this will be done over time, for now it it functioning and freash. Tropical Deco Bathroom Renovate - My own so I went bold! and all renovated by my own two hands, I'm loving a bathrooms to redesign and install! The wall had water ingress and the wood panels had become saturated with trapped moisture, so this was the fist project I took on when moving back to my flat. It was a great focus to be honest, and the sense of achivement at the end! I watched Harry Potter and the tiles in the ministry of magic caught my eye, so that started the look! after learning online how to board, waterproof, tile and grout, I also needed to know how to plumb the shower valves to be concealed behind the tiles, install a rain fall shower head, the largest I could find, and then also to have a back up shower, concealed, yet still allow to be functional, electric shower ya know in case we do actually run out of gas. Wall paper is a touchy topic with some, as you can see I have no windows and a basic extractor fan that takes 10 mins to clear the mist. So after applying the wall paper i then added the dado to secure into place but also seal the seam in, did the same at the top with the coving, then sealed with three coats of clear drying lacquer. UPDATE: wall papers been in 3yrs now, now sign of peeling! and is wipeable. Lastly I reinstalled the sink and toilet, laid the new shower tray and glass, painted and then sealed on last time, and voila...… a tropical bathroom with a deco twist, PPPpppsssstt the showers a port key! Bathroom Renovate This project was mainly to retile the space, yet there was a slow leak that had saturated the plasterboard and walls. so much of the base walls need to be stripped out and replaced with moisture boards. The old Lethem plasterwork was smelly and degrading due to the water ingress. Once the room was stiped back, the walls were reinstalled, seam sealed, and sealed again, waterproofed, in preparation for tiling and the installation of a shower tray and screen. Black hardware complimented and contrasted against the blues and teals in the sink and the original door glass. Classic metro tile in a matt white scratch resistant finish. The client loved the idea of keeping the rustic feel to the boards, I do think its quite Glasgow, and if later down the line changed their minds, they could sand the boards to a smooth finish and seal, giving a polished industrial feel. I really wanted add a big bold abstract above the radiator and a few more developed plants as a few more added touches, but that some fun left for the clients to play with. Trager Haus I met this client randomly on a flight to Bristol, then a year later Linda came into the store I was working at, at the time, and found me! She invited me up to the house and what a stunner it was! Super high end, clever structural design from which came from the collaborations of Haus architects and Linda's construction company, creating this beautifully balanced cantilever. Due to copy right issues I am not able to show any images from the outside, google it and you can see, but here are photos i took from my phone, my stylings for the home to dress it for selling! Leather, velvets and suedes for the seating to give a warmth and tactile texture to the areas when in use. Raw oaks and brushed steels for the supports that then complimented by the timber used around the house exterior. Simple and elegant item were selected, with forms and shapes the mimicked the outer shell. St Andrews Square - Staging Lounge Dining - 2 bed Styling & Dressing Show home set up. Holiday Apartment - Edinburgh The apartment just needed the very basic furnishings, but durability was crucial, as it was a small studio apartment to be used as a base for tourist visiting the city of Edinburgh. With the castle that overlooks into the bedroom and lounge window bays. These bays are enchanting for for sure and could easily spend the day reading our working sat in one. It reminds me of JK Rowling and how she wrote with views of the castle. Inspiring! The Danish Scandi feel is great for the understated but luxury feel. The Karim Rashid dining chairs, sat around a tulip base glass table, provide a spot dining, simple linear cabinetry to hold a TV contrast against the circular tri legs coffee tables, all minimal in appearance, and in its simplistic forms, circle, triangle and rectangles. Clifton House Student Halls Landing spaces to Usable spaces for students. Clifton House returned and asked what we could do to turn these quiet large landing spaces into functional spaces for the students to use, they decided they wanted them to be a refection space, a games room, a design studio and a garden room. The spaces were turned into rooms by the installation of four fire walls, with matching doors and frames from the original building works. This meant they then fell inline with building control and the authorities. The Views out from each of the floors changes as you rise up though the building, and the top floor leant its self best to the garden room, as it was the warmest of them all and gave it a tropical feel. Exeter Student Halls Exeter Student Halls, features a modern and colorful Scandinavian design, using BoConcept Furniture from the commercial range. The student halls common room offers a lounging area, communal dining, and small pocket seating for single use, making it multifunctional and adaptable for whatever the students are wanting. The use of hardwearing fabrics, woods, and sturdy legs and fixings were essential for the halls, ensuring durability for the students. Willow Tea Rooms - Meeting and AV rooms The Willow Tea room - The Tea rooms was a restoration passion project for an investor, who as a teen, had frequented the tea rooms with her family. Over the years it has been transformed into a retail unit housing fashion and jewellery. This building is special though as it was design for Mrs Cranston by the worldwide know architect Charles Renee Macintosh. Using a blend of natural woods for warmth and light, with accents of black metals is geometric forms for display, these black elements give a nod back to Macintosh's linear accents though out his designs, and his famous light curve details, were subtle pulled into the design in on the task chairs, sideboards and accessories. Solid oaks, light greys, patterned forms and Easy clean faux leather seating, give the project its materiality, allowing for lighting to be adjusted for a meeting or presentation. The layout was designed with the thought that the room could be used for overflow dining from the main restaurant. Separate and style the two table individually or create one large banquet table. Finally, and to tie it all together, an old ordinance survey map was scaled and papered onto the wall, showing the different locations of other MacIntosh works around the city.

  • Furniture Packages | GetNeat ID | United Kingdom

    1/48 Furniture Packages For landlords, investors, developers, letting agents, and homeowners and renters, who want to increase the rental income, increase the value of their property, furnish and style fast. These popular furniture packages are a time-saving, space-maximizing, style popping and cost-effective option. Furniture packs are utilized by all in the public and private sectors due to their flexibility and speed of setup. A Fitter will assemble and install your new interiors in-house, as part of the service, they will also check the quality of every piece, and handle any problems. Each of the packages, uses, durable, high-quality, sustainable furniture and materials at an affordable price to create an imaginative yet practical style. These offers make GetNeat ID the ideal solution for projects, taking the hard work out of it all for you, keeping it simple with a Turn-Key solution. The Packages Select the style and the number of rooms, and add to cart. You will then be called within 48hrs to organise and arrange the delivery and install. These packages work as the core furniture you will need to furnish your apartment quickly. We can also do other styles, don't like what you see here, then get in touch to discuss your tailored needs. Furniture Packages Assembly Included Quick View Minimalist - Dining Package Price £1,379.00 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Minimalist - Lounge Package Price £2,037.49 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Minimalist - Bedroom Package Price £2,049.32 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Urban - Dining Package Price £1,360.50 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Urban - Lounge Package Price £2,483.95 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Urban - Bedroom Package Price £1,827.16 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Costal Shaker - Dining Package Price £1,944.71 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Costal Shaker - Bedroom Package Price £1,420.64 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Costal Shaker - Lounge Package Price £2,197.13 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Industrial - Bedroom Package Price £1,827.16 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Industrial - Dining Package Price £1,761.12 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Industrial - Lounge Package Price £2,483.95 Delivery Included Add to Cart BedRoom Only Quick View Costa - Dining Package Price £1,222.89 Delivery Included Add to Cart BedRoom Only Quick View Costa - Lounge Package Price £2,429.93 Delivery Included Add to Cart BedRoom Only Quick View Costa - Bedroom Package Price £1,423.97 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Industrial - 1 Bed Full Home Package Price £5,958.35 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Costa - 1 Bed Full Home Package Price £5,553.02 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Urban - 1 Bed Full Home Package Price £5,210.31 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Costal Shaker - 1 Bed Full Home Package Price £5,793.72 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Quick View Minimalist Package - 1 Bed Full Home Package Price £5,648.57 Delivery Included Add to Cart Assembly Included Urban - 1 Bed Full Home Package £5,210.31 Price Delivery Included View Details Assembly Included Costal Shaker - 1 Bed Full Home Package £5,793.72 Price Delivery Included View Details Furniture Packages Styled To Specification. The Furniture packages have all been selected to give you the functionality in a co-ordinated bundle, to add that finishing touch we recommend adding or including a styling package. Theses add colour, style, textiles, character and light, to the spaces. Ideal for adding a lived in lifestyle look for the residents. Art & Sculpture Frames, Canvas and Objects Vases & Lighting Table, Floor and Surfaces Mirrors & Plants Wall mirrors and House Plants Tableware & Textiles Dining Dressing, Rugs & Cushions Interior Design Service + BUNDLES: List DESIGN GetNeat ID Classic - Visons, Ideas & Concepts The Classic bundle is the most popular, and is fundamental part of all interiors, get this correct right from the outset, and it paves the way for easy decision making, inspired combinations or layouts and individual spaces you love to live in. For the brief, measure, design, furnish and style, all pulled together in a handy digital format for your reference. DESIGN + ORGANISE GetNeat ID - A full solution for your space I know when creating the dream space, it takes a lot of planning and organisation, so my premium package is ideal for taking all the hard work out of your project for you, from concept through to installation. All you have to do is say yes or no to fundamental decisions along the way. And don't be scared to say NO DESIGN + ORGANISE + PROJECTMANAGE The Way to Your Dream Space, how you want it The Bespoke Bundle service suits each client’s specific needs, requirements and tastes. I reflect client’s needs and translate those into a design that hits all the right notes. This is great for you if you have odd jobs, small areas, or helping hands and like the genie in the lamp I will grant you your wishes. GetNeatID Dec 24, 2023 4 min How to design your space: home edit Incorporate An Accent Colour and Establish a Cohesive Colour Scheme. GetNeatID Dec 22, 2023 5 min How to design your space: home edit Ready To Sell? Getting Ready to Sell by Tackling What You Don't Want To. GetNeatID Jul 23, 2023 5 min How to design your space: home edit Form and function: Tips to design the perfect bathroom How To Design Your Space: Home Edition Shop Now Workplace Edit Shop Now Grab a copy of my handy wee guides, One for the home and one for the office. Kindle and paperback for your preference. Grab a copy and get yourself design thinking..... GetNeat - Classic Design Bundle Available Online Design Concept and Presentation to help you visualise and realise, ide... Read More Starting from £349 Starting from £349 Request to Book GetNeat - Premium Design Bundle Available Online Giving you all the visitations, documentation and detail for the desig... Read More Starting from £649 Starting from £649 Request to Book GetNeat ID - Bespoke Design Bundle Available Online Pick and choose to build your own bundle of installs Read More Varies on the design Varies on the design Request to Book Home Visit - Get to know you Available Online Meeting to discuss what you need help with. Read More Request to Book Get in Touch

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  • GetNeat ID - Bespoke Design Bundle

    Includes the same process as the classic bundle, selected installs and services: Due to the random nature of this process, work, organisation planning are juggled around to suit the timeframe, process, budget and outcome. There is no strict set of guidelines and is a great service for when your needing things discussed, arranged or designed on the spot, last minute or to make the final confirmation. A plan in plan for when the plans are likely to change. On-demand access to the Designer, for any questions, concerns or on the spot advice. Shopping lists of furniture, stylings and associated items. Quantified materials like tiles, wallpaper and paint so you get the right amount of what you need. Tools you will need if DIY DIY instructional lists, giving you online references and video content showing you how to DIY. Organisation of specialist trades and installs for when you need a Professional. What needs done when, where and how to ensure an easy to follow flow. Schedules and arrangements for purchases, trade works, installs and completions. Optional Extras: +Onsite visits and check ups. Visits to site to see how you are getting along, answer any questions you have if you are a DIY'er or to ensure the works are carried out correctly if getting in a specialist trade.

  • Furnish, Style and Details Consultation

    This is where we add the styling, character, lifestyle and finishing touches along with organisation or your new or own belongings. Includes: 1hr Consultation (find out what you need and what you have) Shopping list of suggested items. Delivery direct to site ready to unpack, recycle and dress.

  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings Consultation

    What's your favourite colour for your next painting and decorating job? Have you seen a colour that you are in love with? You want to apply but just can't figure out where it's to go? Which brand is the best for you lifestyle or suitable, Dulux, Valspar, Farrow and Ball? Is your room full of light south facing or dark and shady? Have you tired out tester pots? How much paint are you going to need? No matter what stage of the project you are at, I can help. I start with an initial consultation to get to know you and your outcome desires. Once initial information is gathered, I take some time to explore different, paint and wall covering options and will come back to the home to show you suggestions and schemes. At the second meeting, I will provide samples of suggested paints/paper/other wall coverings based on your ideas and style, discuss the finish or brand of paint, and give you estimations on how much to purchase. Once your happy with the selection, you then get all the details to confidently proceed and get to work yourself if you are a proactive DIY'er or have family to help. Or allow me to arrange the application with the right trades. You Receive: *Initial consultation in the home to discuss the space/s *Measure and photograph of the space. *3 Colour scheme option provided. *List of paint codes, quantities and application plan. *Instructions on "how to" do it yourself and the steps you take in getting the room prepared, painted and snagged. *Ordering & collection and delivery of selected choices direct to you Or links to online ordering. *Options to include installation and labour.

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